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Eleven Eleven Winery in Napa is driven by creating meant-to-be moments that highlight synchronicity, inspiration and delight. I mean…….drop the mic!! If there is a more perfect representation of FLOW, I’m not sure what it is!!
Their intention to embody experiences that elicit a sense of mystery, wonder and joy made them a PERFECT, natural place to spend some time going deep into the third of the 3 M’s: MEDITATE.

Even though these practices are a part of my life EVERYDAY, it has been so meaningful for me to spend a week going deep on each one……..looking with fresh eyes and OBSERVING (without distraction) why these practices are so life changing, what it takes to feel the shift and how it impacts my FLOW state. I am deeply grateful that Eleven Eleven chose to partner with us and offered up the PERFECT spot to do my deep dive on Meditation.

This past weekend, they delivered the most gorgeous spaces, full of wonder, quiet joy AND……some of the best wine I’ve ever had.
Let’s be honest, few things in life aren’t made better with a great bottle of wine, LOL….and Eleven Eleven wines are second to none!!!
More on that later.

The minute we touched down in San Francisco, we headed straight to Napa and Eleven Eleven. Our first full day was spent soaking up the their magic.
I was able to spend time in meditation in the most special corners of their property. Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing some of those personal meditations.

But FIRST…….inspiration!!

The beautiful synergy with Eleven Eleven is their central belief that celebrating the everyday moments is what makes life extraordinary. THAT is the foundation of FLOW. You hear me talk ALL. THE. TIME about the small things…….the seemingly meaningless, mundane details throughout the day that chart the course for our FLOW state, our happiness, our state of suffering (or lack thereof). Taking time to observe those mundane details and find the joy……find the extraordinary… the bridge that takes us from WORRY to LOVE.
This special team gave me the space and a beautiful reminder to “Make my Moment” that lasted through the entire weekend and STILL has me riding high RIGHT NOW. It deepened my connection to myself, it heightened the power of my time in meditation, it reminded me to be more present for the gifts I was given in so many moments throughout the trip, and it strengthened the time with my girlfriends.
By the end of our trip we were talking about the impact of our precious few days and kept coming back to the Bravery and Love that inspired us, moved us, grew us. Our time at Eleven Eleven started that trajectory to more bravery and deeper LOVE.

If you have the desire or feel the pull, I would highly recommend visiting Eleven Eleven to Make your own Moment and experience their magic, their incredible wine and the LOVE that is felt in everything they touch.
However, the GREATEST GIFT is that you can Make Your Moment, Experience an Extraordinary Life, deepen your connection and Find Love Over Worry RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. It doesn’t require a trip, a place, a person. You don’t need fancy equipment, meditation rooms or a private chef to do the 3 M’s. I mean…..look at me in my lulu’s copping a squat on the vineyard grounds. Everything you need is within YOU.
Let’s do it together! Let’s commit to finding the extraordinary in the everyday moments. Tell me what you’re doing to Make Your Moment in the comments. I can’t wait to hear your stories. You inspire me deeply.

One last thing……..It would be criminal for me not to tell you how incredible the wine was. LOL!!!
Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE wine……not just the drinking of it lol, but the history of it, the process of how it’s made, the styles, the varietals and the nuances of what makes a good wine vs a great one. I’ve been coming to Napa for years and needless to say have experienced A LOT of wine tastings.
But I’ve rarely had one this great. Every single wine that touched my lips was incredible. My favorite was the Cabernet Sauvignon. You can find out about their current releases and purchase here.

Cheers Y’all!! Here’s to more magical moments and more FLOW in 2020!

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4 years ago

Literally stopping to smell the roses even when I’m in a bustling city. Enjoying an expansive sky or seeing the Hudson River everyday… small moments connecting with nature even in this big city.