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Love: Self Love

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Kelley Meditation Hat@2x

I understand that the concept and idea of self love has become the catch phrase of this generation… and we should all be grateful for that. Because it’s EVERYTHING.

Love in the FLOW matrix is crucial… Man know thyself! We often confuse self love with selfishness and self-centeredness… but it’s actually the exact opposite. Honering yourself is the highest form of honor and gratitude to your maker. Your ability to love yourself is in direct correlation and relationship to your highest vibration… your highest self!

And here’s the practical side of it… in the course of our day to day lives, YOU are THE ONLY thing you can control. So focus on yourself, look inward for the changes you want to see, invest in your growth and development, LOVE yourself… and I promise the frustrations you found in others will start to fall away. When we love ourselves FIRST, we are able to love others more fully.
When we consciously choose the loving thoughts that serve us, we are more capable of serving others.

So with that in mind, TODAY, let’s show up for ourselves. This community has ALWAYS filled me to the brim with love, support, appreciation and I have no words for the amount of gratitude I have for you and this community, BUT today, I’m keeping this post short, so we can learn from EACH OTHER.
I want you to share in the comments below: 3 things you love about yourself and how you’re actively showing love, kindness and grace to yourself

I can’t wait to chat with you below.

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