Street Scene at Night

Wanderlust: Travel at Home

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Street Scene at Night

When the topic of travel comes up, most of the time we dream of grand escapes… and sometimes those dreams can become stumbling blocks, or if we’re being really honest, excuses… justifications for the “worry” and “lack” in our lives. Finding Love Over Worry means stopping long enough to hear the sounds around us, feel the ground underneath us and see the gifts that are all around us… there for the taking.
When I have a client who says they can’t afford to travel or they don’t have time, I offer them a suggestion… what if you could travel without leaving your town or better yet… without leaving your house.

Big travel is an easy “hit”. It is obviously exciting and new and different. It activates all the dopamine sections of our brain as we navigate new places, foods and experiences. But… You can do that right in your boring ole home town. When I ask my clients to list exactly what is on the Main street in their town… I mean EVERY single shop and doorway and restaurant. Most people cannot do it with pristine accuracy. Why is that? It is because we feel comfortable and content. We go for the things and places we know… same shops, restaurants, people… you get the point. Try taking a day in your town to walk down your Main street and deeply observe all the nooks and crannies. On purpose, eat in a new place, shop in a new store, speak to a stranger. What do you notice?

This method is also powerful with our relationships. What do you think you know? When did you stop getting curious and how can you reimagine the current connection? And here is a spoiler alert… this leads to deeper intimacy… the journey down the street will trigger your spirit to open up and get curious, the journey of curiosity with your “known” relationships will trigger deeper connection!

So grab a reusable water bottle and walk down your street!! Tell me what you see?

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