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Wonder: The Beauty of Life

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Vancouver Skyline

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a hotel in Vancouver, BC with some of my favorite people on the planet. Countless memories and emotions flooded through me as reflected back on the time we lived in Vancouver as a young family.

At the time, Scott was filming a new show called “V” and Jackson was only 2 months old. Looking back, I can’t believe I drove our new Volkswagen Touareg all the way from Utah to Canada while pulling a U-Haul and caring for a newborn!

To be back in the same city where the roots of our family began was surreal and even a little crazy for me. Since then, we’ve had two more children and a lot more love, laughter, and tears under out belts. What’s even crazier is that Scott drove that same trusty Volkswagen 10 years later from Park City to Vancouver to begin filming for “Nancy Drew”. But just ass he pulled into the hotel, he heard a loud “POP!” and soon discovered he had a blown tire.

Scott got out of the car and began working on changing the tire (Which is always a barrel of fun) and Ray Ramono caught sight of him and walked over to say hello and see if he could offer any help.

That night, as Scott and I cuddled in bed, we started discussing how easy it is to let your ego take over and tell you that that cars and houses and clothes are what make you important. But in reality, what makes you important is how you love yourself and others. Being able to move through life with simplicity and an eye on what truly matters is what makes you important.

In that moment, Ray (and Scott, for that matter), were living in FLOW. Ego took a backseat and all that mattered was helping a friend with the problem at hand.

Shit happens. That’s just part of life. But when ego takes a back seat, cool things happen. First, peace happens. Then, love happens. Then actual THINGS happen… like gorgeous hotel rooms and beautiful food and a round of golf with Ray Ramono. But all the while, you really enjoy the THINGS because they aren’t the cake, just the frosting.

The cake is LOVE. The cake is what really matters. And it just so happens that I love cake. I love this life… the beauty and wonder that this life offers, I love my people and I love all of you regardless of your flat tires or spare tires around your middle or if you need new tires or have no tires at all.

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