Observation: Transformation

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Isn’t it amazing what we can see… what lessons are trying to make their way to us, when we slow down enough to observe what’s happening around us.

Lately, in my quiet moments of observation, what I’ve been seeing all around me is…


• The last few weeks have seen Julian Hough and Miley Cyrus talking about their “Transformations”.

• The seasons are literally, transforming outside of my window.

• My youngest child is starting Kindergarten and if that doesn’t feel like a transformation, I don’t know what does!!!

This word. So big. So tantalizing. So… out of reach? 
I don’t think so.

I used to make things much harder than they needed to be. I was what you called… a classic OVER thinker. I really liked to roll around in the proverbial mud.

The mud of my thoughts, feelings and emotions… and let’s not forget everybody else’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.  ☺   Then I discovered FLOW. FLOW is the foundation to transformation.

Transforming is… hopefully… a constant part of our lives. The changes we experience from big to small are all a part of this thing called life. How hard or easy we make them, is up to us.  Finding Love Over Worry is like a map for me… a map that ends in… transformation.

Sometimes its small… like being annoyed at the guy who cut me off and yet choosing to have compassion for him in his need for speed.
Sometimes it’s big… losing a loved one, leaving a partnership, getting sick.
But big or small… when I run myself through each step of FLOW… I find myself… Transformed.

Observing the transformation around me recently has opened up my heart to see the breadcrumbs on my path… breadcrumbs that were leading me to taking a healing journey with a Shaman. As I write this, I’m kind of freaking out!! With excitement, anticipation and curiosity.

By the time you read this, I will just be returning from my adventure. I can’t wait to share my insights and hopefully… my transformation!

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4 years ago

It absolutely is a time of transformation and YOU are in FLOW. Totally forgot to get back to you on one of your stories with numbers. “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtie used to be one of my bibles for some time…11 = Pay attention to repeating thoughts and your inner wisdom, as they are the answer to your prayers. The number “11” may point to a highly creative person, who should pay attention to addictive behaviors (Hello cookies and cheese :-P)…22 = Your deep believes are manifesting wonder-ful new opportunities. Stay firm in your belief!…33 = The higher masters came… Read more »