Flow Necklace@2x

Obsession: Branded Collective

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Flow Necklace@2x

Collaboration, Connection, Community… You probably know by know that I love alliteration. HA!

In this case, these three words sum up so much of what is importatnt to me and are stepping stones to helping us stay in FLOW. When the three come together… lightning strikes.

That was the case with an experience I had this Spring. Through a series of “god moments” early in the year, I was introduced to the company Branded Collective.

Let me back up and tell you a little about this collaboration. We were planning an event in Nashville in May. I’ve made a commitment to connect with, collaborate with and highlight a local company anytime I participate in an out of town event. In addition to filling my soul by learning about the amazing things happening around the world, it also allows us to give back to the community in a personal way.

In this instance, my partner worked with this company, and as soon as she told me about them and their mission, I was IN.

Here’s the “why”, “hope”, and “heart” of Branded Collective:

Branded Collective-Our Why and Hope
Branded Collective-Our Heart

See why I was IN? I knew I wanted to work with them in some way for this event, but never dreamed it would be as special as it was. They agreed to create a co-branded necklace to connect their mission to FLOW. The result was phenomenal and every time I wear my necklace I FEEL the magic of this powerful connection.

That feeling made me want to share it will all of you… SOOO, we produced a limit run of this necklace to be able to offer to you.

If you buy one, please come back and drop a picture of you in your necklace below. So much love for all of you!!!

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Jenn mcdonald
Jenn mcdonald
4 years ago

How can I get a flow necklace. My sister is Laurie. You spoke about her yesterday. Would love to get her a reminder she can where to stay within the “Flow”.