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Love: My Heart

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Scott and Kelley_BW

There are so many ways to look at love.
In the FLOW matrix, love can be identified in 2 ways… each of which I’ve talked about in individual blogs.
But HERE… here I want to talk about the love, the connection, the partnership that makes my road in life a little easier, a little kinder, a little more magical.

As we were building this new site and envisioning this blog through the lens of FLOW… where we can come together as a community, wak together, share together… I always knew that it would be incomplete without sharing about this life-altering love that I feel so blessed to work for everyday.
But this post was one of the hardest for me to write because it is the closest to my heart and the most vulnerable place I know… my LOVE. In this case, I am not referring to my self-love, I am referring to my partner, my husband, my best friend and the only person I ever want to see across my breakfast table.

Scott’s grandmother gave him one piece of advice when choosing his life partner, she said “make sure you want to sit across the breakfast table from your person”. I loved her advice because its simple and true. it is not the person you want to fly on a private jet to St. Barts with or the most handsome or the one you lust over… it’s the person you want to see with messy hair and bad breath, wearing a robe (in my case a stolen robe-I accidentally stole a robe from the Disney cruise, oops) and drinking coffee. The simple moments are the ones that are more authentic, more vulnerable, more real.

Sometimes we fall victim to always wanting more, bigger, better… more grand gestures… more fairytale romance… But usually if you can set aside the worry, the most profound love shows up in the simple moments… across the breakfast table.
People always ask me “How did you know he was the one”… It was pretty clear after sitting across a pile of pancakes that that mug was my mug… for life.

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Eunice L.
Eunice L.
4 years ago

This is lovely!

4 years ago

Ok Kelley & Scott, way to throw down. I just listened to your insta live this afternoon. In hind sight could have been a little bit more prepared, thinking this should be a cute pod cast to listen too. I learned so much but what caught me up short and brought on the ugly cry as I drove the highway was the mom guilt. My 3 almost adult kids are fantastic, and I mean it! This brought up such over whelming pain of having ruined them. Not validated them! I’m so happy you ended with “Is it True”? No, This… Read more »